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We focus on your future - not on your past.

About Us

At Funding Solutions Direct, we focus on the future and on the bigger picture.

At Funding Solutions Direct, we focus on the future and on the bigger picture. Following the recent economic downturn, we saw many restraints put upon conventional lending institutions which saw many businesses struggle to see a positive way forward unable to source the financial assistance they desperately needed.

Funding Solutions Direct specialise in asset backed lending across all aspects of the property asset class and we will look at any case, regardless of size, provided we see potential with realistically achievable goals. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we are then in a position to prepare a proposal and approach lenders on your behalf. These lenders all set different criteria which will depend upon your own circumstances, requirements and experience.

Funding Solutions Direct is able to advise and assist in the following areas:

  • New build projects large or small where banks are unable to assist.
  • Partly constructed sites which a bank will not fund out to completion.
  • Joint Venture deals where the investor is not able or does not want to fund out the construction.
  • Completed sites where banks will not allow equity release on sales to allow you to move on.
  • Schemes underwater in the bank’s view but could be rescued with innovative ideas and funding.
  • Equity release to help with business cash flow – first and second charge funding available.
  • Bridge funding.
  • Bridge funding to move buy to lets from personal name to Ltd company to avoid recent personal buy to let tax changes.

Funding Solutions Direct are able to deal with all aspects of your case and can normally obtain decisions on funding within 24 hours, often with a written offer on your desk in as little as 48 hours! This means minimal disruption to your business, putting you on a positive footing and getting your business heading in the right direction!

Once you have a decision in principle we immediately arrange for you to meet the lenders and work through your requirements directly with them ensuring your requirements are best achieved.

Our Services

Funding Solutions Direct can assist with liquidity assistance for businesses based on secured lending upon assets.

At Funding Solutions Direct we understand that swift access to funds can provide a significant commercial advantage.

This is our standard product and terms will be determined upon your individual requirements or level of building experience for developers.

This is designed for those requiring assistance with cash flow and will require a second charge sat behind that of your primary lender.