Bridge Funding

Helping you get short-term finance to achieve your long-term goals.

Getting swift access to funds can give you a significant commercial advantage – it could even be the difference between your property project starting or not. That’s why we can often get finance arranged within days. This gives you maximum flexibility and the comfort of knowing funds are available and ready to draw.

Alternatively, the legal paperwork and security can be put in place in advance, then when an opportunity arises requiring new money, you can draw down the funds to secure any asset purchase or business investment.

Standard Loan Facility.

The financial support you need to help your property project succeed.

Depending on your individual requirements, or building experience if you’re a developer, will determine the terms for this product. If you’re a developer, 100% of build cost is usually available with up to 70% of land costs also covered.

Loans are available from £100k to £10m. Interest is normally serviced monthly, but it may be possible to provide you with a roll-up facility at the end of the project.

For developers, build costs are released in stage payments throughout your project, which will be monitored by an approved surveyor selected by our lender. You’ll also need to demonstrate a solid exit strategy.

Mezzanine Product.

Keep the cash flowing and your property project on track.

If you need help with cash flow up to £250k, this could be the ideal product for you.

It will require a second charge sat behind that of your primary lender and your project must have sufficient equity to ensure the loan to value (LTV) does not exceed 75%. You’ll also need to demonstrate a solid exit strategy.